Smith's Tri-Blind
The Universal Hunting Blind
 That lets you

 "Hunt 'em all with confidence"

Duck hunting in flooded timber     Deer hunting from portable stands        Turkey hunting anywhere


3 things make our blind the BEST!

Light-weight, Portability & Versatility

How can we make such a claim?

Here are a few reasons

1) Weight –At 3 pounds the Tri-Blind is the lightest blind of its type on the market. Others come close but without Tri-Blinds versatility as a ground blind or as a tree blind around any brand of stand.

2) Versatility - Tri-Blind can be used on virtually any tree from 4 inches in diameter to 6 feet in diameter or it can be attached to 2 trees that are within approximately 6 feet of each other to form a blind large enough for a wheelchair bound hunter or a large ATV.

3) Construction - Tri-Blind's extreme light weight is the result of using extremely lightweight materials that also offer great durability. Each Tri-Blind consists of (1) 5 section fiberglass rod with a shock cord inside that allows our blind frame to virtually lock itself together with minimal assistance. (2) Extremely lightweight 54 gram per yard 3D die cut camo material that offers great concealability as well as no water retention that would add weight. (3) 12 ounces of weight sewn into the bottom hem to keep Tri-Blind doing its job even in moderate winds. (4) All stitching is nylon. 

Do you hunt from a lock-on, ladder, or climbing stand? NO PROBLEM It doesn't even matter what brand your stand is. Tri-Blind will work with any brand!

Tri-Blind can be used on any single hunter stand that mounts on or attaches to a tree. It can also be used on two person stands with a little imagination.

Do you want to use your Tri-Blind for Spring turkey hunting and then later in the fall use it for deer hunting in the Autumn or Winter woods for deer and don't want to use the same camo pattern? NO PROBLEM

Simply purchase a replacement blind skirt in the desired Mossy Oak camo pattern. Slide off the existing skirt and slide on the replacement, no tools required and this can be accomplished in less that 2 minutes. (Coming Soon)

Quiet- No metal on metal here. Our mounting brackets are steel but that's it.

Set-Up – The Tri-Blind can be set up in less than 5 minutes. Requires no tools and is extremely quiet.

Other Uses – The Tri-Blind can be used to conceal...

Duck hunters hunting in flooded timber.
Dove hunters along field edges.
Elk hunters while calling in the big boy.
Individuals filming or photographing wildlife.

All in less than 3 pounds!

Each Tri-Blind comes with the following items included

(1) Carry bag (with draw string and cord lock)

(2) Screw-in mounting brackets

(1) Tri-Blind (assembled) with the mossy oak camo pattern listed on box

Order yours here

Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity

Mossy Oak Obsession

Local pick-up available
in West Monroe, Louisiana
Call - 318-737-8575
or 318-982-7499

The Tri-Blind was an accidental discovery...

I have hunted my entire life and there has always been the problem of concealment while in my portable deer stands. Many times the desire to just sit on the ground in a likely spot has failed to produce results because I have never been able to sit motionless for hours on end, and more times than not that has been my undoing in the deer woods of north Louisiana. Over the years I've tried tying rope or string from branches and nearby trees, then placing camouflage material over those in an attempt to remain hidden from sharp eyes. I have even gone so far as to nail lumber and metal tubing onto trees that I was hunting from. I've even made a poncho from an old olive green blanket to drape over me while sitting on the ground. It worked to some degree, but it was more aggravating and more of a hassle than it was worth.

In my backyard during the summer of 2008 my boys were playing with a sectional tent pole from one of their old tents. They were bending that thing into a hoop and the idea hit me. Why not see if it would support some of my camo material, and it did! That was the beginning of what is now known as “Smiths Tri-Blind”.

After much trial and error, I finally got all of the pieces to come together. I thought that maybe other hunters had experienced the same things that I had over the years and decided to attempt the American dream. Get a product of my own on the market.

Finally, in 2012 two family members and I started our business and proceeded to invest much time and energy into getting our product on the market. March of 2012 found us placing the first order for our blinds and expectations are high that others will like the blind as much as we do. We are a very small entity with large dreams and look forward to supplying many hunters with a lightweight, portable, versatile, and very reasonably priced hunting blind.

Thank you for your interest in Smith's Tri-Blind.

The blind that lets you…

"Hunt ‘em all with confidence"

Please contact us with questions or comments.

Marque Smith

Set-Up and User Instructions

Please take a few minutes to examine the components of your new blind and read all set-up instructions before installing for hunting purposes. Please read warning below. Have fun with your new silent, lightweight concealment and good hunting.


1) Remove your blind and the (2) mounting brackets from the carry bag and set the blind in an easily accessible location while attaching mounting brackets onto the tree in the desired location.

2) When seated in your stand, determine approximately where shoulder level or just below shoulder level will be located on the tree. This is where you will be installing the mounting brackets.

3) Screw one mounting bracket into the tree on each side of the tree along the approximate centerline of the tree and at the desired height until mounting brackets are firmly seated in the tree, usually 1” to 1 1/2” on most hardwood species and somewhat deeper on softer species such as pine, birch or sweetgum trees. (This is an important step to ensure that your blind remains at the desired elevation while hunting.) Make sure that the short end of the mounting bracket is facing forward when you finish screwing the bracket into the tree as far as necessary. Don't worry about perfectly aligning the mounting brackets. Smith's Tri-Blind is nothing if not flexible. (NOTE) On smaller trees you will want to place the mounting brackets more towards the back of the tree so that you are able to bow the rods and slide them into place. This will allow for more room. (Note) For locations where screwing mounts into the tree is illegal the use of a ratchet strap is required. Simply place ratchet strap around the tree at the desired location and apply enough tension to be snug. Insert the threaded portion of mount downward between strap and tree and position the front of mount at a slightly elevated position. Tighten ratchet strap and mount blind.

4) Un-roll your blind and hold the section that has a bend at both ends (when folded up there are 5 individual sections) and allow the flex rods to open in a downward direction. You may need to lightly pull on the blind material to allow the flex rods to seat into the metal collars. (2 per side)

5) Insert one end of the flex rod into each mounting bracket attached to the tree. Now is when you want to make sure that the mounting brackets are inserted into the tree far enough to keep the blind in the desired position. If the blind will not stay in position simply remove the flex rod and tighten the mounting bracket a little more until the blind remains steady. Adjust blind to the desired elevation by rotating the mounting brackets up or down.

6) Your blind is now ready to conceal you during your hunt.

Shooting from your blind

1) To shoot from your new blind simply allow your rifle or shotgun to press down on the blind, take aim and fire. If you decide not to take the shot just remove the weight of your rifle or shotgun and your blind will return to its previous position.

2) Bow hunters should position the blind for maximum concealment when sitting down and upon standing to take a shot ensure that your bow clears the top of the blind so as not to hinder your shot placement.

3) Turkey hunters will find it easy to simply place their shotgun barrel through one of the many openings in the material and shoot thereby never even having to expose themselves.

Safety Warning

Your new blind is just that, a blind. The Tri- Blind is not intended to be used as a fall support or fall prevention device! Please use an approved fall restraint/fall prevention safety system when hunting above ground level. Improper use of this blind may lead to serious injury or death.


Smith Hunting Blinds accepts no responsibility for injuries or death that ensues from improper use of this product or any other product distributed by Smith Hunting Blinds

Climbing and/or hunting from an elevated position is hazardous. Please use extreme caution while engaging in any outdoor activity that involves sitting or standing above ground level.

Product return policy

Replacement or refund for product is at the sole discretion of

Smith Hunting Blinds. If any product damage is deemed to be

due to improper use or negligence on the part of the consumer.

Smith Hunting Blinds reserves the right to refuse any replacement

of product or refund of purchase price.

 30 day refund or replacement policy

Any damage due to workmanship or materials will be replaced or

purchase price refunded plus shipping costs.

Important Notice

Call (318) 396-5901 or (318) 737-8575 before returning any blind for replacement

or refund to receive authorization number.

Authorization number must accompany all returns.

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Marque Smith

109 Louisiana Ave.

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